WILD Words

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2023 Confessions

Jesus...The reason for it all!
In 2023 I will experience Jesus and knowing Him in a greater measure than I ever have! I will pursue Him with every passion of my heart, with all the energy of my being, and with every thought that is within me. [Matthew 22:37 TPT]
2023 is My Year to Know Jesus in Greater Reality!!

2023 Kids Confessions

What a privilege to have a part in shaping the identity of our children! Each one of them is like a package of potential – ready to be unleashed on this world to bring impact in significant ways. They are influencers, leaders, and joy carriers. We want to be the loudest voice in their development, the greatest advocate for their cause. We want them to have an identity that matches their God-given destiny! (Jer. 1:12)

WILD 2023 Word

Jesus is the reason for it all…for our existence…for our being… for the direction of our lives…for the meaning of it all. Jesus…He is worthy of it all…all of our lives….all of our devotion…all of our strength…all of our worship.