Hope Restored

  Happy New Year to all our friends and family!!! We are entering 2024 with hearts filled with gratitude! This has been a year of God showing Himself faithful to us!! Thank you for being a demonstration of His love and His hands extended. Your encouragement, love, and prayers have literally sustained us and positioned us to step into greater things in this New Year!! (Rom. 15:13 TPT)
    I believe this year holds tremendous opportunity in the midst of all that is happening. God is working restoration both individually and corporately as we yield to His Spirit and allow His leading to strategically guide our steps! Restoration is one of the promises for our day!
     In Peter’s Pentecost Day sermon he speaks of this coming restoration. (Acts 3:17-21 NLT)
Peter spoke of how Jesus’ death fulfilled what was spoken of beforehand by the prophets.  Just reading Isaiah 53 or Psalm 22 clearly shows what was predicted centuries before Jesus was even Incarnate and walking upon the earth. In fact, scholars share that there are between 350-400+ Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament. In fact, in His final day alone Jesus fulfilled at least 27 Old Testament Prophecies:
  • Psalm 41:9 – The Messiah would be betrayed by a friend.
  • Zechariah 13:7 – The Messiah would be forsook by His disciples.
  • Zechariah 11:12 – The amount of currency Jesus would be betrayed for and how it would be used.
  • Isaiah 50:6 – The Messiah’s torture.
  • Psalm 69:16 – The shame, prosecution and dishonor He would suffer.
  • Zechariah 13:7 – The Shepherd would be struck.
  • Psalm 22:8 – His garments would be divided.
  • Isaiah 53:7 – The Messiah would be silent at His trial.
  • Isaiah 53:5; Psalm 22:16 – The Messiah’s crucifixion.
  • Psalm 69:3 – the Messiah would thirst.
  • Psalm 69:21 – He would be offered a bitter drink.
  • Psalm 22:17 – There would be a crowd staring at Him at the Crucifixion.
  • Zechariah 12:10 – His side would be pierced.
  • Psalm 22:14 – Jesus would have a broken heart.
  • Psalm 22:7-8 – The scorning hatred and mocking of the crowd.
  • Isaiah 53:7 – He is the Lamb of God!
  • Isaiah 53:12 – The Messiah as the Intercessor for sinners.
  • Psalm 22:1 – The lonely cry and intense suffering of the Messiah.
  • Isaiah 52:14 – The disfigurement caused by the brutality of the soldiers.
  • Psalm 22:31 – The cry of victory and triumph of the Messiah!
  • Exodus 12:46; Psalm 22:17 – The Passover Lamb without any broken bones.
  • Isaiah 53:9, 12 – the Messiah placed with the transgressors although He is without sin.
  • Daniel 9:26; Isaiah 53:5-6 – The substitutionary nature of His death – He would die for us!
  • Genesis 3:15 – The triumph over satan. (1st Messianic prophecy).
  • Isaiah 53:9 – the Messiah would be buried in the tomb of a rich man.
     This is just a sampling of the prophecies that were fulfilled exactly as they were spoken by the prophets, their fulfillment taking place throughout the last few days of His earthly life. These prophecies were spoken centuries before and they were fulfilled precisely as God said. Some 300 prophecies concerning the Messiah were fulfilled during His time here on earth. However, there are still Messianic prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. One of those is the “restoration of all things!” We can have confidence in the veracity of God’s Word and His promises concerning us!
     Hope Restored! – is our theme for this year! 
  “Hope is a confident expectation and assurance of good! This is a year of hope being restored!! There will be a validation of His hand upon our lives and His intervention in the land of the living!
     Many of us have felt like this past season has stretched us to the limit. Unprecedented pressure and unrelenting trials have left us exhausted and experiencing spiritual fatigue.  Repeated disappointments result in our feeling empty and fighting desperately against hopelessness. Even wishing things could be different seems futile.
     The call of the Lord is to break us out of the funk which extended seasons of pain and exposure to hardship can bring. Having an ear to hear is of the utmost importance as the Holy Spirit is leading us into all truth. His guidance will cause us to step out of stagnation and embrace fresh directives and strategic opportunities.
The reality of the numbing fog and uncertainty will be replaced with joy and hope as we lift our heads. Weariness will wash away in the loving embrace of His faithful love and enduring mercy.
     As followers of Jesus, we desperately need to function out of this higher level – in efficiency of anointing and of understanding, of perspective, of proficiency of bringing heaven to earth. The enemy’s key strategy has been to keep us from this…he wants to keep us earthbound whereas we are a heaven-born people, a people with a high calling, a people with high level heavenly access…Satan targets our hope because he wants to lower our vision/expectation! His goal is to bring us down (into the natural) where he can deal with us…His aim is to take us out of hope and faith and into the natural…out of the eternal and into the temporal. This is where we must fix our gaze upon our great GOD – I AM – Who functions outside of time – Now faith is! And faith is the evidence of things HOPED for!
     This will be a year of transition – moving through the door of HOPE– from one place to another. The breaking will lead to our breakthrough!
The entire Bible is an account of God’s faithfulness! We must allow our hearts to be fixed in and on the faithfulness of God in our lives – recount the evidence of His Presence and intervention by maintaining a consciousness of His faithfulness!
     He is hearing…He is speaking…He is leading us to victory!” (2 Cor. 4:17-18 TPT)
We want you to be so encouraged in this new season! God will use the breaking of the past season for your breakthrough! He does not waste a thing!! (Hosea 2:14-15 NLT)
Transformation of our time of trouble is coming! God is working all things together for our good! May you hear Him more clearly and sense Him in reality and close proximity throughout 2024 and beyond!
   May your New Year be filled with hope and anticipation of all the good He is working on your behalf!  Much love from all of us at WILD!

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