Walking by Faith

   What do we do when we don’t know what to do? Which way do we go when we’re not sure of the path? In times like this, we can be so thankful that it is not just up to our natural faculties to figure out a solution! God is with us and His desire is to walk closely with us…from our end, this can only be done by faith. Faith is more than an ethereal concept and far more than mere religious jargon! This verse from 2 Corinthians is one we often quote but walking in it is another matter. (2 Corinthians 5:7 explore different translations)
   Living from our faith, ordering our lives by our faith not by what we see around us, is another level. Yet, this is how many throughout the Scriptures conducted their lives. Abraham was known as the father of faith. Let’s lean into a story from Abraham’s early days and discover some new mindsets that will aid us in not being limited by our natural senses. We can be empowered to walk in this exciting adventure God calls faith! (Gen. 12:1-3)
   An absolutely vital point is that all of Abraham’s journey of faith, his legacy as the father of faith, and his indelible mark upon both Judaism and Christianity began on a particular day…God spoke to Abram. This wasn’t just a matter of hearing a voice…this flowed out of relationship. God was calling Abram out of a pagan society not only as a geographical change but as a relational change. God knew that Abram would extend his legacy of faith to the next generation. We find this out several chapters later when God again visits Abraham. (Gen. 18:17-19)
   God spoke these precious words, I have known him! Now we know that God “knows” everything but this particular phrase denotes a deeper knowing…an intimacy. No wonder God calls Abraham his friend. (Isaiah 41:8-10)
   What wonderful Scriptures!!! God had called a nation, birthed out of one man’s family…one man who had known God! This was one of the reasons God had chosen Abram, because He knew that Abraham would pass on his faith to his children. God knew that Abraham would teach his children the ways of God. This is what God was after, not just one friend but a nation and then a world who could know God as a friend! In Jesus’ most expansive recorded sermon He pours out his longing and desire for these friends of God. (John 15:11-17 TPT)
   At the end of His life, Jesus wanted His purpose understood. He had come to abolish the old thinking of servanthood and to bring out what God had always wanted. It is showcased in Genesis as God walked in the cool of the day with Adam and Eve and this purpose was brought forward as God called a man to go to an unknown destination. This journey of friends began with God encountering Abram and calling him out of where he was to where he truly belonged. This is walking by faith. Hearing the voice of the Lord, through His Word and through His Spirit, not just for emergency direction, but as a way of life. (Rom. 10:17 TPT)
   God isn’t looking for robots, Jesus didn’t die to give us a new belief system. Jesus came as a human to walk among us, live among us, love among us, and show us the relational faith that God had always wanted. Jesus demonstrated this at the “crisis” of the death of his friend, Lazarus. (Luke 12:49-51 TPT)
   Jesus’ practice was communion with the Father. Jesus walked by faith, in this world, not only in emergencies, not only for miracles, but for life. Out of this flowed the power of life over death, the power to restore what satan had stolen, the power to reverse impossible situations. This is the power of walking by faith and it begins by hearing God, as His friend. May our desire for friendship with God match His desire for us which He displayed through His sinless life, death, and resurrection! Let’s walk in this relational faith to fulfill His purposes in the earth!! (Isaiah 41:10 TPT)
      Much love from all of us at WILD!

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